Meeples Coaches: ready to start!

Our custom meeples

Meeples Coaches: ready to start!
In Brides & Bribes, players have to send their henchmen to the Genovese boroughs. We thought: “How we can give the feeling to move the characters in a Renaissance atmosphere? What better way to move them if not in a coach!”
We started to read about the history of coaches and the different models and we discovered that in the 15/16th century there was a coach named “cocchio”. We decided to create our prototype to make sure it could work in the playtests and to ask for an offer.

Below, we want to share our experience with you hoping it could be useful for your game board prototype. What we needed? : card, milling machine, wood thick 18mm, glove and mask, sandpaper, colors and brush.


Firstly, we drew a coach in the card as a mold. Than we used it to draw the contour in the wood and we proceeded to cut it. In this phase, we used a milling machine and you need to be very precisely and careful. After that, make sure that the surface and the edges are smooth using sandpaper.

  Cutting meeples coaches - Brides&Bribes    Cutting meeples coaches - Brides&Bribes          
Now you can paint your meeples as you like! Maybe they are not perfect but helpful and fun to play.


When we created our prototypes, we made them in big sizes: 40x30x20mm and this was an error. When we asked the first offer to Ludo Fact Manufacturing, they approved the design but we discovered that the maximum size of custom meeples is 35x25x15mm and the bigger they are, the more expensive! That didn’t stop us to use them in the playtests but now for the future we know the right size.
Another thing that we learned is that the meeples must not have concave or groove parts to be cut with a machine-cut. This information was interesting for us to create our next meeples!

Stay tuned for more meeples stories….
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