Brides & Bribes

Brides & Bribes
“Giovanni! Go to Doria family and ask for an audience with Duca Francesco. We get that commercial contract closed by today.
“We also have to find a way to marry his daughter Nicoletta with our son Giorgio. Prevent anyone from doing it before us, by any means necessary!
“Bring Barnaba with you!”

In Brides&Bribes the players try to outwit each other playing as famous renaissance Genoa noblemen.
Starting with a handful of loyal family members and few resources you will struggle to become the most powerful family in Genoa!

The key of this game is to use the abilities of your henchmen in the most innovative ways. Players will struggle against each other to achieve the desired action or gain favors granted from local lords.




Genoa, 16th century: a new Doge must be elected. Can you use your cunning to become the new Doge, Lord of Genoa?

Brides & Bribes is a worker (tiles) placement and resource management board game, set in Genoa during the Renaissance period, where five families struggle against each other to increase their power.

An innovative and unique use of a hidden worker placement mechanic gives players the feeling of being part of a Renaissance Genoa full of intrigue and deception. By hiring new employees at every turn, using a deck building system, players experience the feeling of "ever growing power" during the game.

As a player, you will assume the role of one of the families competing to become the new Doge, Lord of the city. In each round, you will secretly plan to send a family member with the right skills into Genoese boroughs to perform one of the five possible actions: hire new employees, collect money, get new workers, increase your influence points or convince the local Lord that your family is worth a marriage with his beautiful daughter.

Getting new workers will help you to build workshops and so get objects and influence points. Hiring new employees, each with unique abilities, will help you to prevent other players from taking actions and help you achieve your shady purpose. However, be careful! The other families will be there with you struggling to earn the Lord’s trust and may leave you with nothing.

You can gain influence points by marrying the daughters of the local Lords, building workshops or acquiring them in each borough of Genoa.

The game ends after 6 rounds or once a player reaches 20 or 25 influence points, depending on the number of players.

In Brides & Bribes, you will have to use your cunning and deception skills to find the right balance between increasing your richness (buildings, news employees) and growing your power (marriage and influence)!

The incredible interaction between players makes this game evilly fun! The sequences of actions and counteractions is guaranteed to keep you busy the entire game!

Will you become the new Doge in Genoa?


Inside Brides&Bribes you will discover:

1 Big game board resembling the city of Genoa in XVI century
5 Player residences, one for each family
24 Shop cards
32 Object Tiles
69 Character Tiles
55 City workers in different colors
16 Coaches in different colors
15 Influence Tokens
42 Coins
10 Player makers, 2 of each color
The Rule book

For more details, have a look of our Kckstarter page!

*Number of components may vary.

Support / Download

You can download the rules and PnP for the Kickstarter test version.

The PnP is no professional graphic design but it is playable!(*)

If you like planning, bluffing and player interaction, then you have to try this game!

Check our game here on Kickstarter!

Here a link to:  GDT Live - Tutorial in Tabletopia in italian language with english subtitles (video)

(*)You may use these files only for personal use.


Playtest the game with the authors!

Do you want to playtest Brides & Bribes?

It is not important where you live, we can arrange a meeting and play!


Brides & Bribes is online on Tabletopia!

What is Tabletopia?

Tabletopia is a digital platform where you can play board games with your friends online.
We know that playing a board game in Tabletop Simulator is quite different from sitting around a table with friends, but it could be a nice experience..... and let you play with distant or new friends around the world!

What do you need?

A computer and a microphone (possibly a camera).

So what is your next step?

Send an email to

We will contact you and arrange a game!

Late Pledge

Late pledge of Brides & Bribes now available.

Miss out the Brides & Bribes Kickstarter?

For a short time only, here you can make a late pledge to get the Kickstarter version of Brides & Bribes for delivery in June 2017.

Please, consider that:

1) You can combine the different options.
2) The game is US, Canada and EU friendly.
3) If you live outside Germany, Italy, US, than you need to select the right zone for the shipping cost. Below a chart with the different zone:

4) For our German friends: you can join the campaign on "Spieleschmiede crowdfunding"!

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If you are a retailer interested in Brides & Bribes, please contact us at and we will give you all the information you need.


By pledging, you acknowledge that the final appearance, materials and content of the final product are subject to change and may differ slightly from what was presented during the Kickstarter campaign.

Estimated delivery for Brides & Bribes: during June 2017.
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